Printmaking Techniques in Art History

University of Hamburg · Art History Seminar · Winter Semester 2017/18

Lecturers: Ina Jessen, Gabriele von Schroeter


Artistic processes unfold their aesthetic and content-related qualities essentially from the materiality and the process of their creation. The art-historical treatment of print objects requires knowledge of design aspects, historical contexts, chemical processes and technical procedures.

The seminar is aimed at students of the art history seminar who would like to qualify themselves in dealing with this diverse medium. The focus is on the art-historical and art-theoretical analysis of selected works from different epochs and techniques as well as on the direct visualisation of the respective process of creation. Participants are given the opportunity to work in the workshops of the HfbK and the Museum of Labour.

The aim of the course is to prepare students for their future careers by teaching them how to look at, assess and handle graphic works in an appropriate manner.

Cooperation partners

Anne von Karstedt · Printing Studios · Museum of Labour · Hamburg

Ulrike Wittern · Serigraphy Studio · University of Fine Arts · Hamburg