Printmaking Techniques in Art History

University of Hamburg · Art History Seminar · Summer Semester 2016

Lecturers: Ina Jessen, Gabriele von Schroeter

Artistic processes are based not only on the level of design and content, but also on technical procedures. An art-historical approach to works on paper presupposes knowledge of chemical processes, technical procedures and historical contexts. However, their theoretical development often remains abstract. The seminar is therefore aimed at students of the art history seminar who want to deal concretely with the medium of printmaking.

The aim is to supplement the professional preparation of art historians with the skills of proper viewing, assessment and practical handling of graphic works.
In addition to the art-historical context, the practical seminar focuses on the artistic production methods from the creation process of a printing plate to the final print. The practical part takes place in the HAW’s printing workshops.


Cooperation partner

Prof. Ellen Sturm-Loeding · Printmaking Studios · University of Applied Sciences · Hamburg